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President’s Message – August 2016

Summer’s under way, and it’s a good thing we’ve all got plenty of things to do. The sunspot numbers and solar indices are doing us no favors, and band conditions have been bad at best, miserable-to-unusable at worst. That’s OK, it gives us a good

President’s Message – July 2016

Welcome to Summer! Well, Field Day has wrapped up, and WARC has put on another successful event. The weather cooperated, even if the bands didn’t, and everyone pitched in to make this year’s version one to remember. We had a full array of stations, including

@ Field Day

The group Just the start. Mike and Tony in the 40 meter tent 15 meter tent 10/160 tent 20 meter tent Satelite Solar station

President’s Message – June 2016

Let me start by announcing that, due to Andy KD3RF continuing to recover from his recent procedure, the Board has appointed Kathy KC3FBY to fill the remainder of Andy’s term as Secretary prior to beginning her own. Kathy was voted in by the membership for the next

President’s Message – May 2016

By the time this “goes to print”, the Hamfest will be a distant memory (of at least a day or two…), and elections will be here. All eligible WARC members should have received an email to allow voting electronically via Survey Monkey, and of course paper

WARC Hamfest Just Two Weeks Away

Mark your calendars. If you are a member and haven’t volunteered to help, please do by calling Mike WJ3O at 215-317-4029. If you have, thank you.

President’s Message – April 2016

Winter is behind us, Spring is in the air, and WARC is gearing up for a boat(anchor)load of activity! Mike WJ3O has the Hamfest preparations well in hand (May 1); Irwin KD3TB is finalizing the plans for our activation of Valley Forge National Park for

President’s Message – March 2016

With Winter mostly behind us, and Spring fast approaching, WARC is rolling into probably our busiest time of the year. First, it’s Hamfest season, with WARC staging one of the biggest, and last, hamfests in the region. This year’s Hamfest is on Sunday, May 1,

New Website Format – Why

It’s been over a week now that the new WARC website has been active. The last one was designed over 15 years ago and became somewhat stale and bloated. Technologies changed the way people look at the site so an update was long overdue. Here

NPOTA (HP46) Activation and Club Picnic on 17 April 2016

Warminster Amateur Radio Club – K3DN will activate Valley Forge National Historic Park (HP46) as part of the ARRL National Parks on the Air in conjunction with the Valley Forge National Historic Park Revolutionary Run. The activation and picnic will be held at Wayne’s Woods